Uncover Truth and Lies

Truth and trust are key factors in every kind of relationship. Whether you are interviewing, employing, creating a partnership, starting a project or investing - how can you be sure of the integrity of the people around you?

Instinct only goes so far and many people are highly skilled at presenting a false front. Making mistakes can cost you, or your organisation, dearly.

These powerful training courses are designed to help you to immediately improve your skills to identify deception and evaluate credibility. Make the leap from myths and guesswork to data driven behavioural analysis.

The Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility (ETaC) and Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) programs were designed by Paul Ekman International based on the most up to date scientific research from the work of Dr Paul Ekman, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of California - San Francisco Medical School and leading expert in the field of evaluating truthfulness and lie detection.

Delivered under licence and subject to the quality assurance of Paul Ekman International the ETaC, ESaC courses are essential training to anyone wanting to understand human emotion and get to the truth of the matter. Using the most up to date research and delivered to the exacting standards of Dr Paul Ekman, these courses lead the way in behavioural training.

These courses are based on over 40 years of solid research.

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC)

Improve your capacity to evaluate credibility of data received in the course of conversations, interviews, investigations and business dealings

Boost your emotional intelligence and gain an improved insight into human behaviour.

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) four-day program was designed by Paul Ekman International and is based on the most up to date scientific research from the work of Dr Paul Ekman - the leading expert in the field.

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Emotional Skills and Competences (ESaC)

Build greater awareness and improve your emotional intelligence

This core program built on cutting edge behavoural science prepares you with the knowldege, skills and approaches to evaluate verbal and non-verbal communications from others.

Research shows that managing emotions plays a core part in what human beings do - but many of us are not skilled in understanding emotions or managing our own emotions. An increased self awareness can help us in personal and professional situations to notice, appreciate and manage the emotions of self and others.

This program is developed by leading expert Dr Paul Ekman and is centred on cutting-edge behavioural science. Completing this program will increase your skills in understanding emotions, how they work and what effect they have on you and others. Be prepared with the knowledge, skills and approaches so you can better manage emotions in your personal and professional life.

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Truth and Lies - The Science (TLS)

Fasttrack your awareness and spot truth and lies

Make the leap from myth and guesswork to data driven analysis with this one-day distillation of the science behind truth and lies.

Improve your ability to distinguish between truth and lies in any interaction and you will find relationships of every kind also improve. From the rigorous demands of professions such as investigation or security where truth and lies play a key role in job success, to more individual professional, or even personal goals - this skill will set you apart.

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Truth and Lies - Short Seminar

A powerful short seminar to boost your awareness of the science behind truth and lies

Make the leap from myths and guesswork to data-driven analysis. This seminar event is highly useful for those who interact in positions such as sales, customer service, high stake interviews, interrogations, negotiations, purchasing, recruitment, investments, consultations, arbitration, coaching, teaching, counselling, team working, management/leadership... or just in day to day social conversations with friends and family.

Kick start your training on this important behavioural topic by taking part in this fast paced and interactive seminar.

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LIE TO ME is the compelling Fox drama series starring Tim Roth and inspired by the scientific discoveries of a Dr. Paul Ekman, who can read clues embedded in the human face, body and voice to expose the truth and lies in criminal investigations.

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Micro Expression Training Tool and Subtle Expression Training Tool will improve your accuracy to spot micro and subtle expressions. Updated with audio tips from Dr. Paul Ekman.

Language: English
Training Time: About 165 minutes
Price: US$99


Ekman METT 3.0


Ekman Micro Expression Training Tool 3.0 (eMETT 3.0) is an updated version of our landmark micro expression training module. With it, you will improve your ability to spot micro expressions.

Language: English
Training Time: About 75 minutes
Price: US$79


Ekman SETT 3.0


Ekman Subtle Expression Training Tool 3.0 (eSETT 3.0) is the premier training program for learning to recognize subtle expressions, and includes audio tips from Dr. Ekman.

Language: English
Training Time: About 90 minutes
Price: US$59