Short Seminars

Need a speaker? Perhaps a short training seminar? Looking for a great presenter to enhance a conference or other event?

The TGI seminar series has a number of engaging topics suitable for:

  • After dinner events - make the evening interesting and memorable
  • Conferences and company meetings - an engaging edge to your event
  • Schools - teacher and support staff professional development days
  • Team building events - have some fun, improve team culture
  • Relationship building - invite special clients along to your hosted seminar
  • Professional networking events - add interest and get people talking

We like to cover topics that are useful and engaging - and that are just a bit different from your standard seminar fare. Audiences will be entertained, informed and motivate by these subjects bound to pique their curiosity and interest.

Here's a snapshot of our popular 60-120 minute seminars.

Creating a Coaching Mindset

Too often mangers are promoted to senior positions and expected to perform without having the right tools and knowledge. Having the skills to coach staff to meet targets is a critical tool and one that does not come naturally to everyone.

Leaders who are able to successfully coach their direct reports are able to create sustained shifts in behaviour, thinking and actions and actively support the growth of a business.

This seminar will give you:

  • An insight into the individual and team benefits of developing coaching skills within the management team
  • An awareness of various coaching techniques and how to apply them
  • An understanding of how coaching skills support managers in their achievement of organisational targets
  • Three specific coaching tools that you can take away and implement in your business immediately

Get the Communication Edge

This workshop explores important communication essentials and offer techniques to fine-tune existing behaviour to get even better results in person-to-person interactions. By improving observational awareness you build skills to better notice behaviour and emotions.

Improved personal communication skills and a new found awareness to notice and read behaviours can assist in connecting with others, building rapport, avoiding conflict and getting your message across more effectively.

Customised content includes:

  • Methods of Communication - Understand where we take the meaning of a message from - with a focus on verbal, non-verbal (body language) and paralinguistic behaviour - and how we can impact on the success of our communication
  • Above and Below the Line - A simple tool to remind people of the difference between taking responsibility for communication outcomes or blaming others for not understanding
  • Messages your Body is Sending - Recognise the unconscious signals our body 'leaks' and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage in communicating with others
  • Micro-Expressions and the 7 Universal Emotions - Increase your ability to see micro-expressions that are less than half a second in duration
  • Responding vs Reacting - An important reminder about the differences in how we react to situations and the impact this can have to our personal and professional success

Detecting Deception in Interviews and Communication

This eye-opening seminar has a great mix of discussion, videos, useful tips, and quick practical exercises. If your audience would benefit from improving their skills in reading people and spotting deceptive behaviours, then this is the perfect seminar.

The seminar covers:

  • Common pitfalls in conducting any interview
  • The importance and power of observation
  • Noticing and interpreting verbal and non-verbal behaviours
  • The importance of asking the right questions
  • Behaviours associated with truth and lies
  • Reading between the lines and adapting your style

Influencing and Persuasion

This fast paced seminar highlights the power of mental and verbal techniques. We reveal simple and effective persuasion and communication techniques to help you influence others with amazing success.

Using a series of powerful tools of influence you will instantly increase your ability to successfully persuade or influence others. The seminar covers:

  • The psychology of human behaviour to better persuade, communicate and influence
  • Your powers of observation to identify and overcome resistance, barriers and objections
  • The filters that may limit your success in persuading others
  • Recognising when influencing techniques are being used on you

Effective Problem Solving

In spite of the fact that problems happen every day at home and at work, effective problem solving is a rare skill.

When something does go wrong, the negative impact on business can include cost, time, reputation or all three; things no business can afford to lose. So there is good reason for us to be better at solving the problems and creating solutions that 'stick'.

This short 50-minute introduction to effective problem solving shares some of the ways we can all better solve problems both in our working and personal lives.

The seminar includes:

  • Why problem solving goes wrong
  • The impact of poor problem solving
  • Fixes that fail and solutions that stick
  • How to solve problems more effectively
  • Three key outcomes of solving problems

Truth, Lies and Emotions

Ever wondered what someone is really thinking as they glance across the table at you with a half smile?

The truth is we miss a great deal of what goes on when communicating with others because we are often not observant or we don't know what to look for.

This upbeat and engaging seminar will open your eyes to the power you have to read people and recognise underlying emotions. When you gain control of this ability you are better able to gather all the available information and evaluate whether person is being truthful or deceptive.

Boost existing people skills to help you create stronger professional relationships, work smarter in business, conduct more effective interviews, or better manage people. Improve you emotional awareness to strengthen personal relationships and improve connections with other people.

This seminar will share with you:

  • Why people find it so difficult to lie
  • How emotions feature when reading people
  • The 7 universal expressions of emotion
  • The psychological model for truth and lies
  • How to increase your ability to notice hidden behavioural cues to deception

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.