Perceptive Interviewing® Advanced

Perceptive Interviewing® AdvancedWhen you are ready for the next step

This high-level interviewing training is for participants seeking to possess superior interviewing skills. When you're ready to boost your interviewing skills to gain greater personal awareness and learn further techniques to get the information you need, then it's time to enrol in the Perceptive Interviewing® Advanced program.

Developed for people who are actively involved in conducting any type of interview, this two-day interviewing training program will personally challenge you to explore multiple methods to get even better results in the interviews you conduct.

To get the most from this course, you must have completed either the Perceptive Interviewing® or Perceptive Business Interviewing programs and be prepared to be challenged, ready to build on existing skills and identify areas you personally need to develop.

Course Purpose  

Build on existing interviewing skills and ability. Add new interviewing and communication tools and techniques to your skill set. Build confidence, encourage truthful responses and get even better results in the interviews you conduct.

Who Should Attend this Program  

Any person who has completed the Perceptive Interviewing® or Perceptive Business Interviewing training program and is ready to take the next step to sharpen and further develop their interviewing skills.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference  

The course builds on existing skills to prepare participants for challenging, new or unexpected interview situations. With the opportunity to practice techniques in an encouraging environment, this high-level interviewing training course will strengthen self awareness and focus on further personal development.

Learning Outcomes  
  • Enhance your skills and awareness in reading behaviour and emotion
  • Identify new questioning techniques to assist in obtaining the information you require
  • Polish existing skills whilst exploring personal development opportunities
  • Learn techniques to create a truth telling environment and encourage honest responses
  • Discover methods to improve planning and managing information flow within an interview
  • Test your skills through analysis activities and group interaction
Program Delivery Options and Duration  

This interviewing training program is delivered over two-days and includes an online post-training assessment.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some participants who complete our 3-day ETaC (Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility) course are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy.