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2016 Public Courses

Perceptive Interviewing (2 Day)
Canberra - 17th and 18th May 2016

Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (3 Day)
Canberra - 5th to 7th September 2016

Micro and Subtle Expression Training

Micro Expression Training Small

Training Group now carries the industry leading micro and subtle expression training tools. The Ekman designed and endorsed trainings, built on 40 years' of published research, improve your ability to 'read' others. Access online tools now!

LIE TO ME is the compelling drama inspired by the scientific discoveries of a Dr Paul Ekman. A mix of science and drama, the show gives you insight into human behaviour and deception.

You can learn to read clues embedded in the human face, body and voice to uncover truth and lies in your personal and professional dealings.

Paul Ekman Approved
Licensed Delivery Center

Licensed Delivery Centre

News and Articles

50 Times More Effective
Ekman trained staff are 50 times more effective at spotting high risk passengers.

Alliant University June 2013
Dr Paul Ekman welcomes students into the world of work.

Lied to Every Week!
92% of HR professionals believe they are lied to every week.

Would You Lie to Me?
There is no tell-tale, sure-fire, absolutely reliable sign of lying. But that doesn't mean it isn't sometimes possible to do far better than chance in discerning whether a person is lying or telling the truth.